Tom Roberts: In the Lion’s den


Die Stride-Musik des “Löwen” (Willie Smith), hervorragend neu eingespielt


Die Kompositionen des Stride-Vaters Willie “the Lion” Smith – souverän interpretiert von Tom Roberts, einem der bedeutendsten, aktiven Stride-Pianisten.

Echoes of spring – Rippling waters – Cuttin’ out – Tango a la caprice – Fading star – Zig zag – Sneakaway – Lament of the lioness – Spanish Rag – Concentratin’ – Here comes the band – Sparklets – Passionette – Morning air – Finger buster – Karnival on the keys – Keep your temper – Contrary motion – Hot things – Love remembers

Personnel: Tom Roberts p

Recorded: 2003                                                                                                   Total playing time: 67:34